A downloadable game for Windows

Sleeper's Landing is a game about acquiring clues, exploring, and fighting monsters while evoking fear, tension, and catharsis.

Gather as many clues as possible and uncover the mystery behind the murder of Ethel Williams.

Prime Discord Roles

  • Creative Director - Kevin Smith
  • Producer - Mark Lindemulder
  • Tech Lead - Ian Valle
  • Art Lead - Tyler Ridgway
  • Design Lead - Kevin Smith
  • Designers - Kevin Smith, Ryan Higgs, Joshua Brahim
  • Programmers - Ian Valle, Rebecca Anisman, Kevin Smith, Mark Lindemulder
  • 3D Artists - Tyler Ridgway, Sebastian Hyde, Daniel McCabe, Nicholas Galan
  • 2D Artist - Nicholas Galan


Sleeper's Landing 793 MB
Version 8 Dec 07, 2017

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